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Copenhagen – Carbon Neutral by 2025

12. October 2012

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City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen is a world leader in green growth and well on its way to become carbon neutral by 2025.

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Copenhagen assumes its share of the responsibility for climate change with the CPH 2025 Climate Plan. We want to show that it is possible to combine growth, development and increased quality of life with the reduction of CO2 emissions. It is all about finding solutions that are smarter, greener, healthier and more profitable. And by 2025 we will be able to call ourselves the world’s first carbon neutral capital.

The CPH 2025 Climate Plan is a holistic plan as well as a collection of specific goals and initiatives within four areas – energy consumption, energy production, green mobility and the City Administration. Work in the four areas must be set in motion immediately for Copenhagen to become the world’s first carbon neutral capital. The CPH 2025 Climate Plan describes how our ambitions for carbon neutrality should be used as leverage for a better quality of life, innovation, job creation and investment, and how the goal of carbon neutrality can be achieved by 2025 through close cooperation between government businesses, knowledge institutions and Copenhageners.

Principles in the preparation of the CPH 2025 Climate Plan to keep Costs down:

  • The transformation takes place gradually over a long time period.
  • Sound financial initiatives are set in motion as soon as possible.
  • The shift to green transport, which is relatively expensive, starts with development projects in most cases.
  • As well as reducing carbon emissions, initiatives should also, if possible, create green growth and enhance the quality of life.