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CO2 calculator for the private sector

6. January 2021

Solution provider

Danish Industry (DI)

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is the voice of corporate Denmark. On behalf of 19,000 member companies, we work to ensure synergy between society’s goals concerning business competitiveness, a clean environment and energy security. Jointly, these goals create the foundation for green growth.

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For industry to decrease its CO2 footprint, it will need to have an overview of it green house gas emissions from its own processes (scope 1), its energy consumption (scope 2) and the footprint from its inputs from suppliers (scope 3). To enable the calculations of scope 1 and 2 emissions, and thereby increase the awareness and motivation among companies for energy efficiency, the Confederation of Danish Industry has recently launched a simple web-based tool, the “CO2 CALCULATOR” which enables companies to estimate their CO2 footprint by realising just a few steps in a web calculator. This tool – and its benchmarking opportunities for participants – enables further progress in energy efficiency in industry.

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