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CITS – Copenhagen Intelligent Traffic Solutions

3. March 2015

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The CITS project has been developed as an innovative smart city project through a collaboration between different companies (see below). The purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow, reduce emissions and increase safety for the citizens. The goal of the system is to allow the responsible city officials to monitor both traffic conditions - in real time or historical - and also run a variety of simulations.


A dashboard can help categorise traffic, search for patterns and identify long term behavioural tendencies amongst the road users. Furthermore, the system is able to gather insights regarding correlations between traffic conditions and other influences such as roadworks, weather conditions or social events affecting traffic etc. Thus, we are able to ensure higher safety and also make the time in traffic more comfortable by helping people avoid queues and roadworks. The data for the CITS platform is collected from a network of wifi access points. These access points are able to geo locate wifi enabled devices such as phones, tablets and computer. This is of course done without compromising consumer privacy. Thus, we can measure the amount of people moving in a specific area and base calculations on the data.


The project is a partnership between Danish Technical University, CITILUM and Leapcraft, The City of Copenhagen, Silver Spring Networks and CISCO.