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Smart energy systems

A new shade of green for grocery stores

6. January 2021

Solution provider


The global climate crisis caused by carbon emissions is a key threat to society and our planet. Danfoss’ energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions enable a cost-effective green transition.

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Danfoss and SMA technology enables supermarket “Aktiv & Irma” in Oldenburg, Germany to store and generate electricity with an intelligent, two-way connection to the electricity grid, showing the energy-management potential of supermarkets. The supermarket’s refrigeration and cooling counters are key to making it function like a giant battery and contribute to creating a more flexible, sustainable and green energy system. In windy and sunny weather, the local power plant will typically have excess availability of sun or wind power. In that situation, the supermarket can cool down its counters a little more than necessary – drawing extra energy from the grid. When the weather turns, and the power plant needs electricity, the supermarket's counters are colder than necessary. And then, it can consume less electricity for a while – without damaging food safety. The supermarket operates with an energy consumption level that is roughly 20 per cent lower than the average European supermarket.'