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A new biogas upgrading plant reduces CO2-emissions in Copenhagen

24. June 2019

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HOFOR - Greater Copenhagen Utility is the largest utility company in Denmark. One million Danes depend on our supplies. The company is owned by 8 municipalities, and the City of Copenhagen owns 73 per cent of the company.

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A transition, which began in 2012, has a clear goal. By 2025, town gas in Copenhagen has to be a climate neutral energy source. With this vision as a driver, a transformation of the town gas network in Copenhagen was launched. A technology that utilises sewage sludge from a wastewater treatment plant to produce biogas has made it possible to lower CO2 emissions from the town gas in Copenhagen.

“We bought an upgrading plant, which utilises modern technology to ensure a lower CO2- emission by using biogas in the town gas. This way, we ensure green town gas in Copenhagen, and at the same time, we lower the carbon footprint. 40 per cent of the town gas is now sustainable,” says Head of Gas Supply, Morten Stanley.

Biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion of organic materials and is therefore a sustainable green energy that gives value to the sewage sludge, which previously was of no use. This way, sewage sludge can help in the fight against fossil duels.

“It saves Copenhagen many tons of climate-impacting CO2 emissions, and it is an important step towards the goal of making Copenhagen CO2-neutral in 2025”, says Morten Stanley.

By upgrading biogas, HOFOR ensures that the existing gas pipe network can still be used and thus the ambitious initiative at the same time reduces the climate impact and expenses.