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1.2 MW CO2 heat pump system, in Solrød, Denmark

4. February 2022

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Aalborg CSP
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Client:     Solrød Fjernvarme a.m.b.a. (Solrød District Heating)
End user/Owner:    Solrød Fjernvarme a.m.b.a.
Location:    Solrød/Havdrup, Denmark
Status:    Under construction


Solrød Fjernvarme continues to develop its operations with the aim of achieving a more sustainable district heating supply. To phase out fossil fuels from their supply, the Danish district heating plant has integrated different renewable energy technologies. The recent addition is a 1.2MW COheat pump system. Integrating a heat pump system in the existing infrastructure was a natural choice, when Solrød Fjernvarme had to increase their production capacity due to population growth and expansion of the district heating network.

Intelligent solar and heat pump integration improves efficiency

Aalborg CSP was selected as turnkey supplier of the integrated heat pump system.
In Solrød, the heat pump absorbs heat from the air. It then transfers the thermal energy using CO2 to facilitate the process. Using CO2 as refrigerant is both efficient and sustainable as CO2 is extracted from the air and has no environmental impact if emitted.

The new heat pump system is integrated with the district heating plant’s existing solar heating plant and hot water accumulation tank in an intelligent way. The heat pump helps optimize the return temperature in the solar heating plant thus boosting the overall efficiency of the plant. Moreover, the energy withdrawn from the existing hot water storage tank, will help to improve the efficiency of the heat pump.

The new system will help ensure that there is green heat for the many new consumers that wish to connect to the district heating network. In a short time, the number of consumers is expected to more than double in Havdrup/Solrød.

The heat pump,solar heating plant and the biogas-fired electricity and heat-producing engine will provide sustainable heating to the existing 350 district heating consumer in Solrød as well as future consumers in the area.

Archive photo of heat pump system in Ørum, Denmark.


Client/Owner: Solrød Fjernvarme A.m.b.a.
Capacity of the plant: 1.2MW at 0ºC
Supplier of system: Aalborg CSP in collaboration with Advansor and NatRefEngineering
Scope of supply: Turnkey delivery of integrated heat pump system, installations and integration with existing district heating solution
No. of customers: 350
Location: Solrød/Havdrup, Denmark
Expected lifetime:        20 years