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About TECHRAS Nano

TECHRAS Nano provides clean chemistry in the form of nanobubbles. Our solution has the potential to partially replace or enhance conventional technologies that require extensive use of energy or chemicals and allow the transition towards cost-effective and chemical-free processes.


Founded: 2022

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Frederikssund, Denmark

Organisation type: Company



Industrial water treatment


Waste management

Wastewater management


TECHRAS Nano is a Danish, privately-owned company. We are specialized in plug & play installations, based on MOLEAERs novel patented industrial scale nanobubble generator. The clean chemistry is produced by injecting gas into liquid, thereby making nanobubbles which have unique properties.

Our installations provide vast improvements in a wide range of processes in farming, horticulture, lake & pond aquatic management and water treatment. We strive to help customers increase productivity more responsibly. Nanobubble technology enhance industrial processes, eliminate chemicals, save energy, and treat water. The technology helps farmers grow more crops, local authorities eliminate algae bloom in aquatic waters, and industries efficiently treat water and wastewater.

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