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Superconductor solutions simply - Transforming the way we transport electricity


Founded: 2014

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Farum, Denmark

Organisation type: Company


Energy efficiency

Climate change adaptation

Energy storage

Green hydrogen



Game-changing superconductors

SUBRA is specialised in commercial production of unique and superior superconductors, using patented surface modification technology. Through research excellence and our superconductor expertise we develop novel superconductor solutions to make an impact in the green transition, transforming the way we transport electricity.

One solution – Transmission, Fusion power, Power2X

Founded in 2014, SUBRA’s solutions are based on more than 15 years of innovation and research in superconductor technology and surface science. Our innovations have wide-ranging applications within energy production, transmission, and storage, able to improve efficiency and reduce losses – striving toward a sustainable future.

In collaboration with partners across the world, SUBRA conducts cutting-edge R&D and production of superconductor solutions to all parts of the energy equation – enabling clean and sustainable energy generation through fusion power, near zero-loss power transmission for the next generation Supergrid, and scalable energy storage through the liquefaction of green hydrogen.


A superconductor is an electrical conductor – a tape, wire, or cable – which conducts electricity with zero resistance and so can transport vast amounts of power with no losses. In comparison, traditional copper cables heat up when transporting electricity, incurring massive losses. Other superior characteristics of superconductors include the compact system design, the lesser need for material, and the flexibility to transmit electricity at any voltage. We specialise in high-temperature superconductors, which offer game-changing performance both in terms of cost, throughput, and efficiency.

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