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Slow Coffee

Slow Coffee

About Slow Coffee

Founded in 2018, Slow is an impact company that works with smallholder coffee and cacao farmers in Southeast Asia. We support livelihoods, protect the environment and work for global change.


Founded: 2019

Employees: 51-250

HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark

Organisation type: Company




Climate partnerships

Slow realises that climate change and depleted soils threaten the planet’s capacity to produce enough food for future generations. Therefore, it is unsustainable to practise monoculture. That is why we are scaling up agroforestry, a more sustainable way of farming that combines trees and crops. It produces food, and boosts biodiversity and helps to reduce pest and disease infestation in crops.

Fighting climate change remains one of Slow’s most urgent priorities. We engage with global partners to solve the major challenges towards low carbon growth, balancing robust economic growth with the protection of irreplaceable environmental assets. We believe that dialogue and collaboration can bring many benefits in helping drive transformational change.

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