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Intelligent Lighting Control
Servodan is a well-renowned Danish manufacturer of high-quality intelligent lighting control equipment and solutions. With focus on continuous development, we ensure that the nature’s resources are used the best possible way - and with comfort as an added bonus!

Servodan was established in 1958 and we are located in Sønderborg near the German border. Servodan employ approx. 50 employees and manufactures unique solutions that are sold throughout the world, mainly trough distributors. As per November 1st 2008, Servodan is owned by the Niko Group from Belgium.

Within the last years, Servodan has been a valued partner in various lighting control projects, where lighting control has created a better working environment for the users - and resulted in large energy savings.

Our product range covers a wide range of products for in- and outdoor lighting control, such as day/night switches, movement sensors, presence sensors, controllers, light sensors, dimmers and push-buttons.

Additionally we offer an extensive range of electrical eqipment and board components such as RCCB, earth leakage breakers, MCB, current circuit breakers, relays, contactors, switches, time- and staircase switches, transformers and products for measurement and control.

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