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About Schønherr

Schønherr is an architectural firm whose primary areas of expertise lie within urban and landscape architecture, strategic and physical planning, infrastructure, climate architecture, and cultural heritage. The firm's approach is that the cultural and natural values ​​of the city and landscape are tools for addressing the major societal challenges of our time.


Founded: 1984

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark

Organisation type: Company



Circular building design

Climate change adaptation

Flood prevention

Landfill and soil remediation


A holistic approach to sustainability and climate adaptation
Schønherr has experience with a large variety of sustainability consultancy, “Climate Architecture” and green development plans.

The studio’s green development projects, biodiversity projects, climate change protection projects, sustainability projects etc., often combine larger scale urban and infrastructural development with coastal or flood protection, nature development and/or new recreative attractions.

The plans are based on a site’s narrative or the area’s cultural history and often identify synergies in between climate solutions, urban development, investment plans, innovation, green transformation, tourism, revitalization of a place or destination etc.

The projects are very often developed in dialogue with citizens, property owners, and stakeholders, before resulting in politically approved development plans.


Services that Schønherr offers within climate, energy, and sustainability consultancy (not comprehensive):

  • Climate adaptation – including rainwater run-off management, flood protection, storm surge protection, etc.
  • Build With Nature
  • Nature-based solutions for coastal protection, storm surge protection, and flood protection
  • Nature development and nature restoration
  • Biodiversity strategies for companies or public authorities
  • Development of sustainability strategies at regional, municipal, or corporate levels
  • Sustainability screening of urban areas and facilities
  • DGNB certification of urban areas
  • Sustainable project management for specific projects
  • Sustainable master planning of urban areas, infrastructure, green spaces, and renewable energy facilities
  • Preservation and restoration of cultural heritage sites and environments
  • Sustainable design and construction consultancy based on circular principles
  • Development of sustainable product solutions
  • Planning for sustainable operation and facilities management

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