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New Loop

About New Loop

Reusable, food-grade packaging for take away, events, concerts and workplaces. Eliminate single-use cups, food trays, bowls, etc., and let us deliver and pick up the packaging. We will ensure that the packaging is washed and reused over and over again. For urban/open environments, we have a unique deposit system that ensures the highest possible return rate and gives us high traceability.


Founded: 2020

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark

Organisation type: Company


Circular business models

Circular value chains


Waste prevention

New Loop specializes in providing food-grade packaging solutions. With a commitment to sustainability, we offer unique, traceable packaging solutions designed to meet the needs of our clients in three key sectors.

Events and Festivals: We deliver and retrieve packaging tailored for events and festivals, offering both with and without a deposit system. Our flexible solutions cater to the dynamic nature of these environments. In 2023, we provided coffee cups for Roskilde Festival.

Corporate Partnerships: For many companies, it has become too expensive to manage and wash their own coffee cups, etc. Our reusable cups, bowls, and trays are returned to designated collection points at workplaces, eliminating the need for in-house washing. No deposit is applied, given the localized nature of the packaging. This gives companies the convenience of single-use products without adding an expensive workload.

Urban Environments: In city settings, where takeaway is common, our packaging is equipped with a unique QR code system. This allows us to activate and deactivate a deposit system for each item, mitigating the need for businesses to store large sums in deposit cups. The deposit is activated upon distribution and remains inactive until then, ensuring the packaging’s value is limited until in use. The deposit system ensures that as much of our packaging is returned as possible

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