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Nanonord A/S

Nanonord A/S

About Nanonord A/S

NanoNord A/S is a Danish, privately-owned company with unique and strong bonds to the world of science and university research. The company specializes in the development of real-time, online oil, food and water analysis systems for an array of industries.


Founded: 2001

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Aalborg

Organisation type: Company



Industrial water treatment


Resource recovery from wastewater

Smart cities


NanoNord was founded In 2001 by owner and CEO Ole Jensen, who previously founded the company Digianswer, which was the first in the world to introduce the revolutionary Bluetooth™ technology.

NanoNord specializes in the development of real-time on-line analysis NMR sensors for a wide range of industries.  Our Tveskaeg NMR can measure 100+ isotopes (sodium, boron, lithium, phosphorous, ammonium, nitrogen…) in multiple parameters (food, water, waste-water, slurry)

NMR is a direct measurement technology based on the physical phenomenon that when molecules are placed in a strong magnetic field, the nuclei of many isotopes (more than 100) act like small magnets and each isotope type will resonate at a specific frequency when being exposed to radio frequency waves. Measuring the intensity of such resonant frequency will indicate the number of isotopes of the specific target type.

Though a novel technology platform, NanoNord offers a clear and superior value proposition compared to existing measurement platforms due to accuracy, flexibility in parameters and no need for chemicals nor field calibration

NMR has the potential to be the future of all measurements, and the best part: It is reliable, tested, tried, and uses no chemicals or consumables! The greenest option there is.

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