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About Mosbaek

Mosbaek A/S is a state-of-the-art technology provider within storm water management


Founded: 1976

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Køge

Organisation type: Company


Climate change adaptation

Flood prevention

Nature based solutions

Urban water management

Mosbaek is the original inventor of the Vortex flow regulator. We offer consultancy based on more than 50 years of experience within the trade.

Councils are suffering of overspend because of the inability to handle the impact of intense weather systems, particularly heavy showers. Mosbaek systems have been shown to allow significant control of these situations. Our flow regulator technology ensures protection and save operation of sewers. Unhygienic and unhealthy overflows are fewer and the system is easily adaptable if weather conditions change in the future.

Having no moving parts, being powered by gravity and made of durable materials the operation and maintenance costs are minimized.

Councils are now able to predict the spend needed to handle the heavy showers.

We have experience with several hundred municipalities, including city of Ottawa and Copenhagen and the technology has been proven by more than 30,000 installations worldwide.

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