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LESNI – The Air Purification People

LESNI – The Air Purification People


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Air pollution

Air pollution from industry production

LESNI specialises in providing standard technology packages and innovative solutions for waste air purification.

Our target is to remove and deplete irritating odour emissions, toxic gases, solvents, dust and aggressive gases.

For the past 30 years, we have designed, supplied and installed more than 1,000 air purification plants throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia. These hightech installations cover a wide spectrum of air volumes ranging from 50 m³/h to 400,000 m³/h.

LESNI tailor made systems are designed and engineered with customer specification in mind, to meet local and international legislations and standards with great emphasis to safety, reliability and energy conservation.


Our people have a long history of delivering abatement and air purification solutions covering main technologies for a number of industries and production processes.


We have an extensive and profound knowledge of the market, and various technologies. This know-how enables us to evaluate with certainty their actual efficiency and suitability in solving the various problems.


We always work determinedly towards a complete clarification of all conditions in an air purification problem. In close cooperation with the client, we then design the installation representing exactly the optimum solution to the requirements specified; as economically as possible.


LESNI aims to be your partner throughout the lifetime of your system. We engage with our customers to develop the solution, provide design and engineering, troubleshooting and after sales service to ensure the optimization and satisfactory operation of your purification plant.

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