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JAJA Architects

JAJA Architects

About JAJA Architects

JAJA is an award-winning Danish architecture and urban planning studio that works both practically and theoretically with projects that contribute to the creation of a better future.


Founded: 2008

Employees: 11-50

HQ: København N

Organisation type: Company



Circular building design

Circular building materials

Climate change adaptation

Energy efficiency in buildings


At JAJA, we explore the realm of architecture and urban planning in search of solutions that maximize living quality while minimizing the environmental footprint. Spanning the scale of urban, architectural and landscape design, we specialize in mobility, transformation and biomaterials. It is our belief that within these strategic areas we, as architects and planners, can contribute to a more sustainable future.


Shaping the environment through the choice of mobility. Utilizing the emergence of new forms of transportation and technologies, we strive to rethink infrastructural planning to create more livable cities, reduce the environmental footprint and improve public health.


Adapt and reuse with respect for past and future generations. Combining the qualities of the existing and the needs of the future, we seek to contribute to a more sustainable building industry while accentuating the phenomenological aspects of architecture.


Minimizing impact through the use of renewable resources. With unique attributes in absorbing CO2, creating a healthy and comfortable indoor climate as well as aesthetic qualities, we always aim to apply biological materials in all facets of our work.

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