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Grøn Sky ApS (CopenCloud)

Grøn Sky ApS (CopenCloud)

About Grøn Sky ApS (CopenCloud)

CopenCloud is a Danish company dedicated to more climate-responsible cloud data storage. Our mission is to create and offer climate-smart solutions which allow our customers to store their data in a safe and user-friendly way – while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.


Founded: 2019

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Copenhagen - Denmark

Organisation type: Company


Climate change adaptation

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in industry

Data already emits more CO2 than air transport and data volumes continue to grow rapidly.

In 2024, the biggest companies will implement the EU’s ‘Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive’ (CSRD), and in two more years every company will be required to report their CO2 emission impact. Change is coming, but the solution is already here: CopenCloud’s products already meet Scope 3 requirements.

CopenCloud has created a unique (S3 compatible) SaaS platform, which allows customers to easily manage and seamlessly move data between storage types.

Data needed often can be stored in traditional: Instant access storage – where it is readily available.

Rarely used data, like backups, can be stored in: Long-term storage – where recovery can wait a few hours. Data stored here uses 90% less power and causes 90% less CO2 emissions.

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