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Dansk Offshore

Dansk Offshore

About Dansk Offshore

Dansk Offshore is the Danish trade association for the offshore companies in the Danish sector of the North Sea. We secure energy and work to promote and create opportunities for CCS offshore in Denmark.


Founded: 2012

Employees: 0-10

HQ: København K, Denmark

Organisation type: Organisation


Carbon capture, storage and utilisation

Climate change adaptation

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in industry

Energy storage


What is CCS?
CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) stands for capture of carbon or CO2 and its subsequent storage in the subsoil. This technology holds a great potential when it comes to storing CO2 emissions in depleted oil and gas fields in the Danish sector of the North Sea around 250 km from Denmark’s coastline.

The Danish offshore sector is very suited for CCS
The Danish sector of the North Sea holds a massive and competitive potential for CCS. The Danish offshore industry already has the infrastructure as well as skills and competencies for CCS. The offshore subsoil is better suited for carbon storage than locations onshore. According to assessments from the Danish Energy Agency, the subsoil on the Danish continental shelf is particularly good for CCS due to geographic and geological factors.

CCS ambitions
Denmark has an ambition of reducing CO2 emissions by 70% in 2030. CCS in Denmark can contribute to this ambition with 30% of the emission reduction target. Dansk Offshore works to promote and create opportunities and be part of shaping a common strategy for CCS in Denmark, thereby working towards making Denmark a leading CCS nation.

In the long term, the industry aims to be able to store carbon not only from the Danish industry, including e.g., cement industry, waste etc., but also help our neighboring countries with storing their emissions.

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