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About AquaReg

AquaReg maintains a database of 120,000+ industrial sites in Europe and North America – we know the sites, who owns them and which compounds they discharge. We also have data on the site-specific permits and wastewater fees. This enables our clients to focus their go-to-market effort on the customers with the biggest need. In a nutshell, we provide data-driven market intelligence for wastewater solutions.


Founded: 2021

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark

Organisation type: Company


Energy recovery from wastewater

Hazardous waste handling

Industrial water treatment


Resource recovery from wastewater


Across the world, environmental protection agencies are making vast amounts of data about wastewater from industry available. This data is of high commercial value for companies with wastewater solutions – if they know how much each factory pollutes, it’s much easier to identify the relevant factories for their environmental solution.

The issue is that while the data is valuable, it is scattered across many different websites and platforms, making it impractical to use. This is where AquaReg comes in.

AquaReg maps wastewater data for 120,000+ industrial sites (in Europe and North America) and uses this to provide market intelligence to wastewater solution providers. We map industrial polluters, their discharge data, their water and wastewater fees, their permits and more, and use this to provide our clients with a list of relevant customers. In sum, our value proposition is that we do the messy data work so our clients can focus on sales to help addressing wastewater challenges around the globe.

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