New platform enables companies to sell and buy surplus plastic online

By State of Green, February 18, 2019

In February 2019, the Danish circular E-commerce platform "Plastic Resale" was launched, enabling plastic businesses to upload and trade all surplus plastic - both used and unused.

The Danish commodity distributor Plastcom has developed an E-commerce platform, where all companies with surplus plastic – regardless of type, shape, quantity and colour – can sell their plastic to other companies for reuse.

This means that companies that are in need of raw materials can check the Plastic Resale site for residual plastic that they can buy at recycling prices – instead of buying new raw materials.

Contributing to a circular economy

Over the past few years, Plastcom has been thinking about how to contribute to a circular economy in the plastic industry.

“As a commodity distributor, we have a large interface in the plastic industry. We meet many companies that often ask if we can relieve them of surplus plastic. We have done so in those cases where we were familiar with a manufacturer who needed that specific plastic type. However, this has been based on coincidences. With Plastic Resale, we have put recycling of residual plastic into a system,” said Lars Kaufmann, CEO of Plastcom.

A win-win situation

“Countless companies have a considerable amount of residual plastic, which frequently may end up just taking up space. At some point, most companies make a decision to destroy this material – and this is what we want to prevent,” said Lars Kaufmann.

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“If you sell your residual items on Plastic Resale, you convert an annoying cost into an income and by avoiding burning residual products, you even save the environment for a lot of CO2. At the same time, you can buy small and large surplus stocks at recycling prices. Therefore, one can be both egotistical and an environmental activist at the same time – it is brilliant,” he said.

Taking environmental responsibility as an industry

Lars Kaufmann, who is also chairman at the Danish Plastic Federation’s raw material section, is experiencing an industry under pressure.

“Our industry is troubled, because of the sharp focus on plastic’s negative influence on the environment. However, I think many different players in the industry are initiating many great initiatives. The reuse of plastic is definitely on the agenda – especially from the Danish Plastic Federation’s side, who is actively focusing on circular economy and sustainable products through concrete projects, campaigns, workshops, collaborations, etc.” said Lars Kaufmann.

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“With Plastic Resale, we are trying to make our contribution to promoting recycling and circular economy in a whole new way. In fact, we are now giving the entire plastic industry another opportunity to “Walk the Talk” and practice circular production, thereby contributing to making the plastic industry even more sustainable,” he concludes.

Source: Plastindustrien

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