A visit from Japan: Learning from Danish district heating systems

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By House of Energy, November 14, 2018

On October 17th 2018 we had yet another visit from a Japanese delegation who wanted learn more about the Danish district heating solutions. The Japanese have a dedicated focus on implementing more sustainable energy in their heating systems, and have clearly taken notice in the Danish way of doing this.

“The Japanese have great interest in the Danish solutions as we receive annually requests from new delegations who would like to visit us and hear more” says Hanne Skovby, project director of district heating at House of Energy.

The interest from Japan provides good export and cooperation opportunities for the Danish district heating, which can contribute both to products and advice to the Japanese district heating sector. For a number of years, House of Energy has been working closely with the Japanese embassy to arrange these delegation visits.

Participants in this delegation tour were senior decision makers from a number of heat supplies, mainly from Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kobe and Osaka. This tour was arranged by the Japan Heat Supply Business Association itself, and the delegation of 26 people did spend two days in Denmark, the first day as guests at State of Green and then the following day watching district heating in Northern Jutland. The delegation then travelled to Frankfurt.

The visit was mentioned in the regional news of Tv2 Nord. Read the article here (in Danish)


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