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DANVA, Danish Water and Wastewater Association is a national association of water and waste water utilities. DANVA is a non-profit organization funded by the members and revenue-funded work. The members are primarily utilities, but also municipalities, consultants, contractors and personal members.

More than 120 of Denmark’s largest water companies are members of DANVA. The water companies in DANVA supply drinking water and treat waste water for more than 5 million Danes.

DANVA’s purpose:
The association represents the interests of the members and the Danish water sector for the purpose of a stable, efficient and ethical water supply and wastewater treatment on a high quality level and in a environmentally sustainable way.

DANVA’s vision:

  • DANVA is the natural focus and voice of the Danish water and waste water utilities.
  • DANVA is a broad interest organization that collaborates with stakeholders in the field.
  • The association continuously improves the framework for its members by technical and political initiatives on all levels.

Water in figures
Every year DANVA publish a report about the performance of the Danish Water and Wastewater utilities. The report is about benchmarking, water price and working in the water sector. Read the 2013 edition of “Water in Figures” here.

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