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Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological Institute develops, applies and disseminates knowledge in the field of research and technology and participates in national and international development projects in close collaboration with research and development establishments and universities. It also carries out consultancy services, training and certification. Danish Technological Institute provides a unique platform for the technological development of the business sector. The Institute delivers technological services to almost all industries in Denmark and is a key player when it comes to applying research and knowledge. The Institute provides consultancy services and cooperates with companies on research and development activities. In other words, the Institute has the technological expertise and the facilities required to support Danish and international companies when it comes to applying new technology and knowledge and it ensures high innovative capacity. The Institute adopts an interdisciplinary approach to innovation and to the task of improving the ability, in particular towards small and medium-sized companies, to exploit new technologies and management tools. Customer activities account for the majority of the institute’s turnover. The institute has 8 divisions: Building and Construction, Energy and Climate, Business and Society, Life Science, Danish Meat Research Institute, Materials, Production and AgroTech.

Energy and Climate
The main working area at the Energy and Climate includes all activities in relation to rational use of energy and energy conservation, energy efficiency, considering the supply side and the demand side as a whole. The Energy and Climate finds new solutions within energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart energy with a view to ensuring a competitive industry and a greener future. The Energy and Climate is also involved in developing new technological solutions related to transport and, of course, climate protection. The employees of the Energy and Climate represent expertise in both the technical and communication areas.

Developing of the future energy system The Danish Technological Institute is one of Denmark’s leading players in a range of energy technologies and is involved in a large number of R&D and demonstration projects as well as consulting activities. The institute has Denmark’s leading laboratory facilities, where Danish and international companies test their products in connection with development activities and labelling prior to market introduction. The laboratories are accredited according to international standards.

Covering needs of the energy industry The Danish Technological Institute sits on international standardization committees and participate in research projects, networks etc. We are a multidisciplinary Institute, which means that we often take an innovative approach to challenges – tapping into our fields of expertise to develop the best solution for you. And we are always up for a challenge! Specialized Units The units under the Energy and Climate are: Energy and Climate Management – Automobile Technology – Biomass and Biorefinery – Energy Efficiency and ventilation – Installation and Calibration – Refrigeration and Calibration – Pipe Center – Transport and Electric Systems.

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