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Bornholm has the goal of becoming a sustainable, carbon-neutral island that is fully self-sufficient with renewable energy. The Regional Municipality of Bornholm adopted an Energy Strategy in 2008 to map out how the Bornholm community can completely phase out its use of fossil fuels.
The strategy’s strength is its dynamism and the fact that it can be revised as new technology gradually becomes available. The strategy was developed on the basis of a planning tool developed by Bornholm and a number of other European islands.

If a society has to undergo radical changes, all levels of society must take part – from citizens to authorities – and, significantly, the change must be economically viable. For this reason, Bornholm’s Growth Forum supplemented the Energy Strategy in 2009 with an overarching strategy “Implementation of More Green Energy”, which maps out how this can be achieved. The strategy gives a high priority to Bornholm’s unique potential as an energy laboratory and as a destination for energy visits. This must occur through R&D collaboration between companies and knowledge institutions, and the establishment of a business cluster comprising Bornholm’s central energy stakeholders.

Participants will get an insight into how Bornholm has laid the groundwork for transforming the island into a sustainable green community and for generating green growth in the process.

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Today roughly 25% of Bornholm’s energy supply comes from renewable sources. The Danish Government’s target is 30% renewable energy by 2025. Bornholm’s Energy Strategy aims to ensure that Bornholm will become 100 % selfsufficient with renewable energy and that the island will also be the first region in the EU to achieve the EU’s “thrice twenty” targets: lower emissions of greenhouse gases by 20%, reduce energy consumption by 20% and increase the use of renewable energy to 20% by 2020.

The energy strategy of Bornholm was developed on the basis of a planning tool developed by Bornholm and a number of other European islands in a project called TRANSPLAN (Transparent Energy Planning and Implementation). The planning tool charts the community’s energy usage and energy balance and calculates specific consequences of various changes in the energy supply, implementation of new sources of energy, etc.

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