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Climate change adaptation

Wastewater management

Wastewater treatment


Watertech Connect: Where partnerships flow

Watertech Connect seeks to foster innovative solutions by offering global water actors and SMEs a single platform to access new partners and business opportunities within the water sector.

Based on several well-established international networks and partnerships, the digital community Watertech Connect has been created to enable SMEs easy access to international and national opportunities.

The platform serves as a hub for fostering partnerships and collaboration towards innovative, effective, and sustainable water management solutions. In  achieving this, Watertech Connect has cultivated a diverse ecosystem of key stakeholders from various companies, institutions, and sectors. the platform compiles various insights to tangible business and financing opportunities with a range of possibilities related to event, project, and partnership participation.

The international opportunities on the platform are particularly targeted priority markets within the Danish Export Strategy for Water, including India, USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and China. The platform, however, remains for anyone aspiring to learn more about the future of water technology and management.

Watertech Connect

The partners behind the project facilitate and share the opportunities in close cooperation with many international networks, organizations, companies, clusters etc. who are interested in collaborating with Danish water actors.

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Pulsparken: Setting New Standards for Climate Adaptation and Well-being

22 September 2023
According to the Danish Health Profile, Denmark faces a range of challenges that demand innovative solutions. These challenges include a high stress level among adults, with 29% reporting elevated stress levels. Additionally, only 4 out of 10 Danes meet the WHO’s recommendations for physical a