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Unleashing Europe’s green transition through water efficiency in industry

On 12 January, a line of Europe’s leading industry partners gathered in Bruxelles to push for increased water efficiency in European industries as one of the untapped potentials in the green transition. The event concluded with a joint declaration on how and why the EU can deliver a cohesive strategy to implement effective water solutions across industries.

Representing a crucial vein to well-being in all societies, water resources underpin economic growth, environmental sustainability, and prosperity. The severe water challenges facing today’s world require an unprecedented global response – but it also represents tremendous potential.

Today, it is estimated that industry represents around half of the total water consumption in Europe, thus being a heavy consumer and likewise a key catalyst in mitigating the water challenges sustainably and efficiently.

When meeting the demands of future European societies, water intense industries need to utilise resources in a more efficient and sustainable matter. This is not only to meet the risks of shortage in the water resource and the ability of the water resource to be restored but also to reduce the impact on nature and biodiversity.

To this, leading industry and water actors gathered in Bruxelles on 12 January to push for increased water efficiency as a crucial vein to unleash green transition across various industries:

“Water is a basic ingredient in all our products and is also essential to the sustainability of the societies in which our breweries operate. By recycling process water in our production and driving efficiency projects, we are driving down water waste at our breweries towards zero. Since 2015, we have reduced our water usage by more than 20%, and are on track towards our 25% reduction target in 2022,” says Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Senior Director of Sustainability & ESG, Carlsberg Group.



“The industrial water sector in Europe accounts for 50% of water withdrawal in the continent. Water, which could be available for consumption for people who need it. We see a need for water resources in industries to be utilised in a more efficient way. Industry holds a significant responsibility and potential in using water,” says Stéphane Simonetta, CEO for the Industry Division and Executive Vice President at Grundfos.


White paper: Sustainable Industries

A white paper with solutions to an efficient and sustainable use of energy, water and resources in industries

Download now

European industries are instrumental

Home to some of the world’s most water-efficient companies, Europe already has readily available solutions to create water and resource-efficient industries across the continent at a low cost and with little lead-up time.

In Denmark, companies like Grundfos, AVK, Rambøll, NIRAS, Carlsberg Group and FLSmidth have all shown how solutions, such as metering, pumps, valves, and temperature control, can produce the necessary goods for sustainable societies in Europe with lower impact.

Together with leading public and private players, the Danish water sector has set an aspiring goal to become energy and climate neutral by 2030. This is an ambitious, yet realistic target, with a positive impact across value chains and all of Denmark’s leading industries. With many of the needed solutions at hand, the time is ripe to scale solutions and share ideas offering equal opportunities for green growth,” says Finn Mortensen, Executive Director at State of Green.

To bring forward new coherent approaches and concerted ways for effective industrial water use, leading industry partners issued a joint statement on how and why Europe must develop a coherent Industrial Emissions Directive within a water-smart strategy for its industries.

Download joint statement: Europe needs a coherent Industrial Emissions Directive within a water-smart strategy for the European industries

The event, held at the European Parliament, was hosted by MEP Pernille Weiss in collaboration with Water Europe, Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Water Industries Federation, Grundfos, FlSmidth, Carlsberg Group and State of Green.

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