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Smart water meter passes test in South Africa

9 December 2014

With the SABS test approval Kamstrup is taking steps to be the leading provider of smart water metering technology to South African water suppliers. 

Passing the SABS test vouches for the water meter’s accuracy and durability and provides it with the highest credibility towards South African municipalities, who are responsible for the supply of tap water. 

Country Manager of Kamstrup South Africa, Petrus Van Heerden, says: “We are convinced that we have a compelling answer to this country’s severe water issue. Both consumers and suppliers will benefit in the short term from accurate metering. The suppliers need to protect their revenue in order to be able to make investments in the water supply, and conserving our scarce water resources is in everybody’s interest.” 

Leakages are a main contributor to non-revenue water; water meters with leak detection can identify problem areas and thus ensure a targeted effort to repair leaks with a minimum of resources, explains Mr. Van Heerden. 

According to a study released by the South African Department of Water Affairs, non-revenue water is estimated to be as high as 37%, which is all the more critical as South Africa is suffering from water shortage. In order to arrest the huge loss of water in South Africa, metering and billing has been pointed out as key measures to be implemented. It is estimated that the country has a yearly water loss amounting to Rand 7.2 billion. ( Initiatives under way to arrest SA’s R7.2bn yearly water-loss scourge).

European case studies show the effectiveness of digitalized water metering that gives utilities and consumers a fact based tool to visualize current as well as historic consumption and to localize leaks and bursts, and thus precise facts for immediately reducing the amount of non-revenue water to a minimum.

 The SABS tested water meter from Kamstrup can even be integrated in smart electricity metering systems through a standard communication protocol. Via a wireless display, consumption data and critical events in the water supply can be presented to the consumer in a very comfortable way.

Kamstrup opened up a branch office in Pretoria in the beginning of 2013 and already has several pilot projects and installed metering projects in Cape Town and Johannesburg for both water and electricity.

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