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New Danish government moves forward net-zero climate target to 2045

Denmark has appointed its new government, aiming to increase climate ambitions by advancing the national target of climate neutrality to 2045 instead of 2050.
15 December 2022

After a historically long period of negotiations following the general election on 1 November, Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on 14 December announced the forming of a new government. The new constellation is a broad-based majority government spanning the centre ground of Danish politics, consisting of the three largest parties: the Social Democratic Party, the Liberal Party and the Moderates. Mette Frederiksen continues as the Prime Minister of Denmark.

New climate targets and new ministers

Alongside boosting the labour force and guiding Denmark through the energy crisis, the new Danish government has announced more ambitious climate change targets, proposing to reach net zero by 2045 instead of 2050, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions more steeply. To help meet those goals, the government plans to roll out an emission levy on the agriculture sector as well as a tax on air travel, similar to that introduced in Germany and Sweden.

The new government has also named a number of new ministers, including Lars Aagard as Minister of Climate, Energy and Supplies, Magnus Heunicke as the Minister of Environment, and Dan Jørgensen as Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policies.

Read the political foundation for Denmark’s news government (in Danish only)

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