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Water management

Drinking water treatment

Job creation and transition


Join Klimatorium’s National Climate Summit 2023

Gathering experts, project managers and policy makers, Klimatorium’s National Climate Summit 2023 will focus on water as the key element for cooperation and co-creation. The hybrid summit takes place from 16-17 August in Lemvig, Denmark.

Water is a resource everyone shares. Water knows no national nor municipal boundaries, and therefore needs to be shared and seen as a part of the global system it belongs to.

The world is experiencing water in its extremes. Too much and too little. Polluted or at the wrong place. Water causes floods and droughts with devastating consequences, turning innocent people into climate refugees. At the same time, water is a source of collaboration and shared solutions locally as well as globally.

Klimatorium is an example of the opportunities that cooperation within water can lead to. Therefore, this year’s Climate Summit will focus on how to work with water as the essential resource it is and give it the focus it deserves when dealing with solutions to the challenges we are facing.

When looking towards solutions, we need to move quickly and in new ways. We need to think long-term and innovate across sectors, and we need to use all our collective competencies to turn challenges into opportunities.

Klimatorium’s Climate Summit seeks to inspire nationally as well as internationally. By looking at how technology and digitalisation provide new opportunities, the summit revolves around how collaboration and partnerships across the sector and across countries can create green and sustainable societies.

You can find more details and sign up now.

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Green Shipping


New publication explores Denmark’s push to decarbonise global shipping

5 December 2023
As climate and energy leaders gather at COP28, a newly launched publication highlights Denmark’s commitment to accelerating the global transition towards climate-neutral shipping.


Resource efficient production


New white paper on transforming global food systems for a more sustainable and resilient future

8 December 2023
Launched at COP28, a new white paper by State of Green examines pathways toward a resilient, resource-efficient and decarbonised agrifood system.


Climate COP


COP28: New global alliance to advance negative emissions

11 December 2023
It is not enough for all countries to aim for climate neutrality; some must go beyond and become climate-negative. Aimed at achieving this after 2045, Denmark has launched the GONE alliance with like-minded countries.