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Green Walk: Explore the sustainable buildings of Copenhagen

Discover energy-efficient buildings and architectural marvels of Copenhagen. With the launch of "The Green Walk of Copenhagen", State of Green invites you on an audio tour to discover the green buildings of Copenhagen while learning about measures to decarbonise cities.

The Green Walk of Copenhagen

Stroll through the streets of Copenhagen, while you learn about Denmark’s green transition and discover measure to decarbonise buildings along the way.

Learn more about the Green Walk

Copenhagen has been appointed  the world capital of architecture 2023 by UNESCO, particularly because of its ability to showcase ways in which architecture and culture can respond to the challenges of our time in the environmental field.

From 2-6  July, the UIA World Congress of Architecture 2023 will take place in the Danish capital, gathering change-makers, solution providers and decision-makers from around the world to discuss how we create a sustainable built environment in the future.

Discover the green buildings of Copenhagen

What better way to celebrate the World Congress of Architecture than exploring Copenhagen’s green buildings first-hand. That’s why State of Green is launching the “The Green Walk of Copenhagen”, an audio tour guiding you through the sustainable energy-efficient buildings of the city, while presenting aspects and insights from Denmark’s green transition. 

Uncover contemporary architecture and green energy efficiencies buildings such as Industriens Hus and Axel Towers, discover climate adaption at the City Hall, and learn about policies seeking to shift energy systems towards greater integration of renewables. 

Try it now, and explore the green buildings of Copenhagen on a walk towards a low-carbon future.

Christiansborg - the Danish Parliament

The Green Walk of Copenhagen

Explore the green buildings of Copenhagen.

Take the audio tour either by opening your browser or by downloading the StoryHunt app.

The audio tour consists of eight short stops in central Copenhagen and takes approximately one hour to finish.

Take the audio tour

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