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From billions to trillions: Mobilising trillions of dollars for the green transition

With a look into the future where large amounts of fossil fuels will continue to be extracted, it has only become even more important to mobilize the necessary funds and financing for the green transition, while ensuring that the right funds are linked to the right green projects. Join our high-level event on 20 September when leaders from business and government take a close look at international partnerships and collective efforts to enable the necessary conditions for green investments.
7 September 2022

Event details

Tuesday 20 September from 6.00-9.00 PM

Denmark House (Terrace), 666 Third Avenue, 11th fl. New York City


Large-scale infrastructure projects in renewable energy are a major driver of the green transition, and financial capital and investments are crucial to enable the ambitions. Leading by example Danish financial actors are taking up the baton and putting focus on their role in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, investing in responsible companies whose technologies will enable a decarbonized society in the future, and actively seeking to make regulation as ambitious as possible.

The discussions will showcase clear examples of successful public private partnerships and cross sector collaboration. The sessions will consist of a high-level keynote and moderated panel discussions presenting tools and solutions to support investments, partnerships, and business models internationally.


PensionDanmark and PKA, in collaboration with State of Green and the Consulate General of Denmark in New York, will host a high-level panel dialogue on public private partnerships, European renewable energy, and green investments.


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Playbook: How to engage the private sector in climate action plans

16 September 2022
Learnings from the Danish climate partnerships on the road to 70% greenhouse gas emissions reduction