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Urban infrastructure planning

Urban mobility

Optimization of pedestrian and bicycling traffic

19. November 2015

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We are a multi-skilled urban design studio shaping public space around the world. We specialise in urban design projects that strengthen communities with the aim of facilitating a new blueprint for urban life.

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Washington University in St. Louis is a prestigious and successful research-led private university with growing enrolment numbers. At the fringes of campus, where the pedestrian world meets perimeter streets, the university is experiencing conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and buses.


Schulze+Grassov export Scandinavian knowhow on how to optimize pedestrian and bicycling traffic to US Universities, including Washington University in St. Louis. We have helped Washington University to deal with safety concerns at perimeter driveways and intersections through a redesign of campus infrastructure.


To improve legibility along the separated pedestrian and bicycle pathway along Forsyth Boulevard, we have designed a series of path and street markings that improve legibility and to help users navigate these critical locations. As the first phase of work preceding more permanent physical change to the intersections and driveways, the work reduces conflicts and accidents between pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers of cars and heavy goods vehicles.