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Xiamen Health Footpath: a recreational lane and bridges above the city

20. January 2020

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The central part of Xiamen is located on an island in Southern China that is densely populated, except for several rocky hills with lush vegetation. The focus of the project was to improve pedestrians’ ability to move around the city. The idea of the footpaths is to connect these oases of harmony and tranquility with bridges, creating a continuous path independent of the hectic life from the city below.


Xiamen Health Foothpath connects Xiamen in with its green surroundings close to the metropolis. It is a 23-kilometre long network of footpaths, elevated footpaths and seven footbridges that gives residents and visitors access to the nearby nature. The system improves the pedestrians’ options to move in the recreational areas located near Xiamen, thereby promoting mobility in the city and in the nearby countryside. The design of the path has been adapted and made flexible to fit the changing terrain. The footpaths make use of the mountainous and fertile landscape as potentials and restrictions, and seven very different bridges undulate and elevate the paths in line with the contours of the city.

The Xiamen Footpath project was realised after the Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, which is the world’s highest cycle bridge and China’s first elevated cycle path, also designed by Dissing+Weitling.


The Xiamen Health Footpath opened to the public in 2020. After its completion, the footpath has become a landmark of Xiamen and Fujian Province, attracting a large number of citizens and tourists. Mountain and sea health trails that pass through the urban area and natural landscapes meet the various requirements for users with disabilities, such as elevators at places with large height differences.