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Wave energy demonstration project for production of clean electricity and clean water, Gran Canaria.

2. February 2023

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Competitive wave energy system for the production of clean electricity and desalination of sea water.

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We are installing our first full-scale demonstration system in Gran Canaria, to be in operation by Q2-2023. The system harvests the energy in the waves to produce electricity and desalinate seawater.

Wavepiston system is focused on solving three global issues.

  1. The problem of extensive fossil fuel consumption.
  2. The problem of lack of predictable and consistent renewable sources in the world energy mix, what translates to high power-to-X and energy storage needs.
  3. The problem of freshwater scarcity around the world.


Together with our partners, we are installing a full-scale demonstration system for power to grid and desalination (RO).

Our demonstration system consists of a single string with multiple energy collectors (ECs). The waves force the ECs to move back and forth, thereby pressurising seawater which is guided through the pressure pipe to a conversion station on a platform. In the conversion station a standard hydropower turbine and a reverse osmosis system convert the pressurised seawater into electricity and desalinated water.

A detailed digital twin of the system has been developed to support further development and optimisation of the design.


With this installation we want to achieve the following:

  • Full-scale demonstration project with electricity production connected to grid.
  • Full-scale demonstration project with a combined electricity production and desalination system.
  • Energy conversion according to our predictions.

Cost of energy and/or water will depend on the location. We estimate an initial cost of € 0.13 – 0.2/kWh and desalinated water at a price of € 0.7 – 1/m3. Prices are expected to drop to 0.04 – 0.08 as the technology matures and scales up.

At the start of our commercialisation we expect to deploy our system at Islands, hotel resorts and remote coastal communities, replacing diesel generators for both electricity and desalination.

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