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Air pollution


Waste to Wealth

4. January 2023

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Close to the autumn season every year, stubble burning remains a contributing factor to pollution in the air, especially across the country’s northern region. Farmers of Punjab every year face the challenge of managing nearly 25 million tonnes of paddy straw. It is estimated that over 20 million tonnes of paddy straw are burnt in the open fields to clear the land for sowing wheat or other crops.

Another issue was loss of soil health due to stubble burning.

Local partner ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd.

ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd. is a diversified heavy engineering company engaged in manufacturing and project businesses with an extensive global presence.

In operation for the past 89 years, ISGEC has provided state-of-the-art, sustainable engineering solutions to customers around the world. ISGEC manufacture Process Equipment, Presses, Iron & Steel Castings, and Boiler Pressure Parts.


We designed and installed specially designed boilers in stubble burning areas in which rice straw can be used directly as a fuel to boiler and generating power for national grid.


By setting up these biomass boilers, we are using almost 150,000 tons of Rice Straw in our boilers and air pollution is reduced as well generating income source to farmer which lead the economy of country. Moreover, biomass boilers have a good scope considering India’s target of net-zero emissions as reducing  75,000 tonnes of CO2 for one unit of 15MW per year. Additionally, the solutions provides jobs to local people as unemployment at village level is very high in India, as well as generating 15 Mwe 24X7 renewable power.