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Wind turbine manufacturing and components

Hardware Solutions: flexible solutions to make most of your business

29. May 2012

Solution provider

SCADA International

SCADA International is a leading solution provider that empowers the renewable energy sector through unparalleled SCADA and control expertise.

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Our unique expertise in SCADA and control systems enable us to build tailor-made hardware that matches your needs, regardless of size, complexity, and technology. At SCADA International, we design, build, and manufacture future-proofed hardware for renewable energy projects. Our tailor-made solutions are developed and configured to match your needs and industry-specific challenges.

Get full service and value-adding service features: OneView® SCADA 360°

At SCADA International, we have unique expertise and future-proofed technologies to support you in any phase of the SCADA value chain. We provide different solutions from software solutions and hardware installations to consulting and service.

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Customized for you by you: SCADA cabinet and server production manufacturing

We produce SCADA cabinets and servers as designed by you or in close cooperation with SCADA International’s Engineering and Design department. With our high level of flexibility, we can provide a low-cost focus and short delivery time. This dedication enables us to deliver cabinets and servers for some of the leading OEMs in the world.

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Get the necessary expertise for your projects: Engineering to order

SCADA International has extensive experience with strategic partnerships when it comes to collaborating closely with customers, R&D, or Technology & Engineering departments in everything concerning product development, optimization, component reduction, and production.

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Secure maximum gain from power generation: OneView® Green Metering

Based on our extensive market knowledge and engineering expertise, we design both hardware and software solutions to secure maximum gain from power generation in markets with bonus schemes and regulations like Green Certificates and Direct Trading. OneView® Green Metering delivered by SCADA International measures power production at wind turbine generator level.

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Ensure the lifetime of your assets through a proactive approach: OneView® Foundation Monitor

To avoid energy or data loss, preventive measures need to be taken. By monitoring your foundation proactively, you ensure the energy production of your turbines. With the OneView® Foundation Monitor, you can locate abnormal vertical movements in foundations, thus reducing the risk of downtime and ensuring the life extension of your assets.

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Managing all the different suppliers and interfaces: Installation and commissioning

At SCADA International, we understand the requirements and limitations of an installation project. This makes us cable of managing the installation process and making the necessary adjustments while still meeting the design criteria.

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Get organized with SCADA Audit

SCADA Audit is an advanced set of services that allows you to monitor your installations. With SCADA Audit, you can prevent unexpected breakdowns and minimize downtimes of your assets. It provides an overview of all your hardware and software, so you know the status of the installed equipment.

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Get the full value chain experience: Fiber-optic work

SCADA International delivers a complete SCADA value chain, including a unique service solution for customers who recognize the value of a single point of contact. Our service and solution combined make SCADA International an agile and flexible solution provider.



Complexity in the full SCADA value chain can stop you from reaching your business goals due to ad hoc-based purchase orders and several handovers with different deadlines. Managing the full value chain can thus prevent you from focusing on value-adding core business solutions.


360 Lean SCADA manufacturing


Choose unique expertise and service that cover the full SCADA value chain

At SCADA International, we have the resources and expertise to support the full value chain. From software solutions and hardware installations to consulting and service, we can help you optimize your production.