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Strategic energy planning for the region of Southern Denmark

14. November 2017

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The Region of Southern Denmark focuses on an improvement of the municipalities’ energy planning and a conversion of the energy system, so they follow the national climate goals in terms of phasing out fossil fuels and redirecting the Danish energy system to sustainable energy sources no later than 2050. If this goal is to be achieved, it is not enough to focus on more energy efficient products. The entire energy system, as we know it today, has to be re-designed.

As part of the strategy process, Insero and Clean are managing the data collection and developing the energy balances for the current energy systems in the 22 municipalities. Additionally, Insero is responsible for outlining a number of scenarios for the future development of the energy systems. This work is carried out in collaboration with the project’s partner group, which consists of municipalities and utility companies within the region. As an input for the decision-makers, Insero calculates the consequences of different choices and describes the effects certain scenarios can have on the region’s occupation and citizens.

Facts about the project

The project runs from 2014 to 2015 and is financed by the Region of Southern Denmark and the Danish Energy Agency. Clean and Insero are consultants on the project.