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Sønderborg Municipality: Strategic planning for sustainable transportation

14. November 2017

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Sønderborg Municipality is a pioneering municipality with ambitious climate goals, and they have decided that the entire municipality should be CO2 neutral in 2029 - 20 years before the rest of Denmark. To achieve that goal, Sønderborg Municipality and ProjectZero needed an action-oriented, strategic energy plan for the transportation sector, which at the same time accommodated the wish to maintain - or even raise - the service level in the municipality.


There are few examples of a successful green transition in the transportation sector. That makes the task a challenge, as it also requires a high degree of citizen involvement. At Insero, we understand the possibilities and challenges that are involved when green transition and mobility planning need to match on a higher level. By combining analyses, experiences and market-based cases with creative processes, we deliver concrete initiatives that can really make a difference.

For Sønderborg Municipality, the task was approached with a combination of analyses, international best practices, and involvement of citizen groups and local businesses. Insero's department Mobility looked deep and wide in the market to map all parameters which could affect the action plan.

Consequently, Sønderborg Municipality received an action plan with 27 concrete initiatives to help reduce CO2 emissions from transportation towards 2029. At the same time, the action plan contained milestones for the transition to CO2 neutral transportation and potential for job creation - and it required almost no adjustments before the further political processing.


Today, the strategic energy plan for green transportation in Sønderborg Municipality contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions from the transportation sector with 112,000 tons within four areas: Public transport, private transport, heavy transport and sustainable transport.

For instance, one of the initiatives is about making it easier to combine different forms of transportation by allowing passengers to bring bicycles with them on busses in rural areas - free of charge.