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Sharing circular transport solution

3. September 2021

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Cars are one of the most underutilised resources in modern life. In Denmark, an average car transports 1.3 people on the road and
spends more than 23 hours per day taking up parking space. Poor usage of cars is the largest excess capacity in the transport industry
and this inefficiency has a negative impact on the environment, whilst also being expensive for car owners.


The digital sharing platform founded by GoMore enables people to share their cars or a seat on a planned trip through private car rental, shareable leasing, and ridesharing. The digital sharing platform now has 2.7 million members across Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Spain, leading the way for private car sharing Enabling private car sharing minimises the expenses associated with car ownership and the negative impact on the environment.


In 2020, around 33,000 unique Danish users rented a car on GoMore, totalling 65,000 rentals. As of May 1st, this year, the number of rentals in 2021 exceeds the 2020 figure by around 55 per cent. Since the platform was established in 2005, more than 2.3 million ride shares have been sold in Denmark alone. Keyless sharing technology makes it possible to book, lock and unlock private cars from the app and a keyless car is, in Denmark, on average shared between 12 households each quarter.