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Heat pumps

Rural areas welcome heat as a service: 100 installations in 3 months

9. August 2017

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Best Green
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Many homeowners who live in the rural areas of Lolland Falster in Denmark don’t have access to district heating. Often, the homeowners resort to expensive oil-fired boilers, electricity heating or gas furnace, because of the lack of other heating alternatives.

Partnership with local energy company

In spring 2017, REFA Energi, a local energy company who supplies district heating to the island of Lolland Falster, decided to seize the opportunity to provide homeowners in the rural areas with a simple, sustainable and inexpensive alternative to existing heating solutions – they partnered up with Best Green and now offers heat as a service to homeowners.

“The advantage is that the individual houseowner don’t have to invest, install and maintain the heat pump. They receive a comfortable solution and a heating economy they can count on. Therefore, heat as a service is absolutely interesting for many homeowners in the rural areas,” says Poul-Henrik Pedersen, chairman of the board of REFA Energi.

REFA energi handles communication with the homeowners whereas Best Green handles administration as well as installation and maintenance of the heat pump. 

100 installations in three months

Already three months into the partnership, 100 homeowners in the rural areas of Lolland Falster had replaced their old oil-fired boilers with heat as a service from Best Green, and the interest continues to grow.

“We have wanted to replace the oil-fired boiler since we moved here, but it is a very large investment for seniors like ourselves, so it is not until now, it has been possible,” says Erik Høen-Beck to TV Øst. 

Maintenance-free and inexpensive

With heat as a service, Best Green purchase, install and maintain a heat pump at the customers' homes who thereby avoid service and maintenance costs. Instead, homeowners simply pay for the heating they use as well as an annual service subscription.