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Full circle industrial symbiosis recycling household plastics

1. September 2015
industrial symbiosis

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In Denmark we do not have the know-how to sort, reprocess and recycle the plastic waste that is collected. Fors wants to change that. Therefore we have established a collaboration with Aage Vestergaard Larsen (reprocessing company that processes plastic waste to new reusable raw materials) and Schoeller Plast Enterprise  (manufacturer of plastic product). Together we are conducting the largest experiment in Denmark with household plastic waste where the entire valuechain is represented in order to create a circular economy for plastic:

At the utility company [Fors]

  • An average household in the city of Holbæk produce about 16 kg of plastic waste per year
  • 32.000 customers have containers to sort their plastic waste
  • The plastic waste is collected in garbage trucks which is divided in chambers and sorted manually by a specially trained staff at a new custom designed sorting station

At the processing company [Aage Vestergaard Larsen]

  • The plastic is reprocessed at a new production line which sorts and wash the dirty plastic
  • The plastic is processed and mixed into a new reusable raw materials

At the plastic manufacturer [Schoeller Plast Enterprise]

  • Schoeller Plast Enterprise makes the product design for a new waste sorting system based on data and dialogue with the end-user - the consumers.
    The new waste sorting system for the consumers of Fors is designed to be placed in the kitchen.
  • The new product is molded in the recyclable plastic
  • The product is handed out to the consumers at Fors in order to motivate them and to make it easier for them to sort their waste in the future

Working in symbiosis with private enterprises, both locally and nationwide, has proven an effective method in finding new and value-adding ways to utilize both the waste we collect and by-products from our other activities. Bringing the utility company closer to the industrial partners, collaboration also serves as a starting point for new ways of thinking ressource management for all parties involved. As a consequence of this and other projects, industrial symbiosisis remains a strategic effort for Fors.

The project is economically supported by The Danish Environmental Protection Agency.