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District energy

District heating


Peterborough, first DynaGrate® in the UK

13. December 2016

Solution provider

Babcock & Wilcox

Babcock & Wilcox Renewable has supplied more than 650 waste-to-energy plants (WTE) worldwide.

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Waste-to-energy power plant

B&W Vølund, working with UK construction partner, Interserve Construction Ltd., was awarded the EPC/turnkey contract for the plant in Peterborough. The facility is provided by Viridor under a 30-year contract signed with Peterborough City Council. The plant was handed over to Viridor in December 2015, on time and within budget.

From waste to green electricity

The plant processes 85,000-tonnes of residual household, commercial and industrial waste from the local area. It generates 7.25 MW of green energy, corresponding to the electrical consumption of 15.000 households.

Before the construction of the plant, 94 % of Peterborough’s waste was not recycled and left as landfill. The landfill will instead be combusted in the process of producing electricity and with guaranteed low emission levels; the power plant is contributing to Peterborough Council’s Blue Sky project to provide sustainable energy in a smart city environment.

First DynaGrate® in the UK

In the fall of 2014, UK’s first ever DynaGrate® was installed in the Peterborough facility. DynaGrate® is Babcock & Wilcox Vølund’s state-of-the-art combustion grate which is one of the most advanced combustion grates on the waste-to-energy market today.

Peterborough City Council’s Director of Resources, John Harrison also recommends the small, yet highly efficient, energy recovery facility solution to other city councils.

He said: ”This plant will produce in excess of 7 MW of electricity. That is a major power generator. It will be one of the most efficient plants in the whole of UK. That is why it was chosen. I think this is the technology that the UK should follow. It is an exemplar project.”

Plant design data

Process Parameters Values* Units
Waste Capacity  11.1 t/h
Heat Value  9.0 MJ/kg
Steam Temeprature 440  ᴼC
Steam Pressure 65 Bar
Gross Electric Output  7.0 MW