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Optimised sorting – a solution to the plastic challenge

2. July 2021

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Since 2009, the MUDP scheme has supported 45 projects that aim to develop new environmental technologies to help combat these global challenges. One example is a technology that follows the thinking of the circular resource economy, where plastic from households are sorted, cleaned and reprocessed to produce a regenerate of such quality that makes it possible to be directly included as a global commodity. A  number of Danish companies representing the entire value chain from sorting plants to plastic-producing companies and technology suppliers have been key actors in developing and implementing this project.

In 2020, the project was completed and two types of plastic (PP and PE) were reprocessed into a high-quality product that now has value in the European market. Increased recycling of plastic results in various environmental benefits e.g. reduced CO2 emissions.

Image Credit: HUNG TIEN VU