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Northern Air® Pro Fan

19. June 2023

Solution provider

Nordicco A/S

Our solutions help our customers improve their indoor climate, lower their energy consumption, reduce their CO2 emissions and eliminate the spread of airborne pathogens.

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The fact that heat naturally rises and gathers under the roof presents a significant challenge in spaces with high ceilings. Since colder air is heavier, it is compelled to settle on the ground, whereas the warm air moves above it. By mixing the heated air in the room with the cooler air, a fan can help to balance the temperature differential.



The productline of massive HVLS fans is called Northern Air ®. The air is moved slowly by the fans. By doing this, the moisture and humidity levels are successfully reduced, and temperature differences between the floor and ceiling are balanced out. There are two alternative rotating directions for the fan. Reverse mode is used in the winter to destratify and maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level throughout the building. Forward mode is used during the summer months to generate a moderate breeze.

By making your HVAC system operate less frequently during the day and minimizing heat loss via the roof, a fan can help you save up to 30% on heating costs.

As a result, Northern Air ® fans offer energy efficiency, CO2 reductions, and improved  environment, all wrapped in sophisticated Scandinavian style. The fans can be utilized as a stand-alone system or in perfect harmony with current HVAC systems.


Nordicco’s huge ceiling fans provide building owners and occupants all over the world improved air flow, significant energy savings, and increased comfort.

In Holbaek Municipality’s Undløsehallen, energy consumption was reduced by 30%. Their initial usage was 120.000 kWh, and once the fans were installed and the ventilation system’s operation could be reduced, the consumption dropped to 84.000 kWh.

In addition, the fans make sure that the air quality in the living area is improved by continuously mixing the air. This occurs as a result of the room’s CO2 content being balanced. In other words, it becomes thinner near the ground. Users will thereby breathe in a fresh, pleasing air. Additionally, a more comfortable indoor environment fuels the activities that the sports halls are the foundation for.

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