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New invention: “GEORG” can recycle plastic waste from household waste into a high-quality grade

8. December 2020

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The unit has been under construction since 2014 – first as a laboratory experiment, then a small test facility with a little reconstruction and now as a small-scale, ready-to-use unit. It has been put in the world to make sure that household sorted plastic waste achieves such a high quality, that it can be recycled repeatedly. Household’s plastic waste consists of both recyclable plastic and plastic that are not clean enough. Up until now, it has been a problem making this plastic usable for recycling.

What “GEORG” does is that shreds the plastic and then it goes into the first batch washer, and get an intense cleanup. After the first wash, it goes into a density sorter, which separates the plastic fractions in the water. Before the plastic is ready for a new production/product, it has to be made into granules. “GEORG” is successful in creating the first step of this process. Within the next 6-8 months, Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S will build a complete line of plastic sorting machines that will be able to process 4.000 ton/year. This line is going to be called Pippi. The main plastic types that will be recycled is PE (Polyethylene: the most widely used plastic type) and PP (Polypropylene: among other used in the medico and clothing industry).

Aage Vestergaard Larsen has filed a patent application and invested a two-digit million amount in this production line.

The grade of the granulate will be of such high quality that the following product is made will have the ability to be recycled repeatedly.


Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S is a company founded in 1972. Our vision about the many possibilities within high-quality recycling is to this day, one of the pillars in our family-owned company vision. The company’s core values are its passion for circular economy and sustainability. They have put together a workforce of more than seven hundred years of experience within the recycling of various types of plastics.