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Urban infrastructure planning

Urban mobility

Mobilityplan for a better campus life

19. November 2015

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We are a multi-skilled urban design studio shaping public space around the world. We specialise in urban design projects that strengthen communities with the aim of facilitating a new blueprint for urban life.

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Washington University in St. Louis provides all undergraduates starting undergraduate study with a room in a dorm on the South 40 area adjacent to the main Danforth Campus.

3.300 undergraduates live in this compact setting served by a network of pedestrian paths that led to conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of cars, buses, and heavy goods deliveries.


Schulze+Grassov has addressed the challenges through our South 40 Comprehensive Mobility Plan.

Our process started with a GPS tracking survey to record 44.000 campus user trips to better understand the mobility choices made every day by students and faculty. We then mapped regional destinations visited off-campus to better understand off campus life of the Washington University freshmen community. Existing transportation conflict hotspots will now be transformed to provide a safer environment for all.


Our South 40 Comprehensive Mobility Plan improves legibility and way-finding on campus, creating new places to linger and enjoy nature – a key requirement for students to restitute their learning capacity.