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Wastewater management

Water management

Making resources out of waste

2. September 2020

Solution provider

Envotherm Solutions

Envotherm Solutions provides wastewater treatment plants to a wide variety of industries such as the metal production, energy production, pharmaceutical and so on. Envotherm has been moving the boundaries of what is possible in evaporation of wastewater since 2006.

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As a Strategic Materials Management Company, IMET Alloys is leading in recycling super alloys and titanium for the aerospace industry. As industry professionals know, manufacturing or recycling super alloys and titanium requires large amounts of water for processing and cleaning – However, the wastewater, getting polluted with oils, heavy metals or chemicals, is too polluted to go untreated back into the environment.

This challenge leaves the manufacturer with two options: Either transport to the nearest waste management facility to be destroyed or invest in a wastewater treatment system that can solve the problem inhouse.

Being an industry-leader, IMET Alloys has been doing the latter for an extensive period of time, but are now in need of an updated solution, as their current system is maintenance-intensive and new technologies have exposed new opportunities.

Easier, faster, greener

In order to secure the best solution for their specific needs, IMET Alloys hired a consultant with expertise in waste management who invited four leading evaporator manufacturers to make their presentations. Envotherm set the standard and won the order.

Evaporation technology revolves around leading wastewater into a tank where it can be fractioned into a distillate (clean water) and a concentrate of the waste. Envotherm excels at this because they reduce the actual waste volume by more than 95% and because they recirculate the distillate to be used again and again. This means that the client minimizes both their waste and the water they use.

Envotherms low energy consumption comes from the system constantly and automatically reusing the heat from the outgoing distillate for the ingoing wastewater. This makes the whole process easier, faster and greener.

Less waste, more water

IMET Alloys ordered the ET1250, a turn-key, automated, Zero-Liquid-Discharge system with a capacity of 1250 liters of wastewater per hour. The solution is complete with an integrated servitization-system, eliminating service and support as a barrier, as Envotherm offers online support 24/7 and more than 70% of service issues can be resolved remotely.

Envotherms solutions typically have a ROI of 18-36 months, while energy consumption is 25-50% lower than the competition, depending on the competitor. Waste reduction is typically between 90-99%, depending on the waste, with a corresponding level of water being recycled.

Envotherm has existed since 2006 and delivers wastewater treatment systems in 10 sizes, going 700m3/year to 18,000m3/year, with energy consumption going as low as 15kWh/m3.

Envotherm offers free testing of wastewater so you can get a quote that fits your exact needs and specifications.