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Krøyers Plads – Denmark’s First Nordic Ecolabelled Apartments

3. March 2017

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Krøyers Plads is a significant location in the centre of the Copenhagen harbor area. Several proposals for the development of the area have been rejected mostly by the local population. Therefore, the new Krøyers Plads is based on a hyper-democratic and contextual approach. The project consists of 3 five-story housing units, naturally continuing the warehouse structure along the harbour. Folded roofs and architectural heaviness create a dialogue between old and new. Instead of inventing a new building typology, Krøyers Plads became a modern reinvention of the industrial warehouses found adjacent to the site.

The new apartments at Krøyers Plads are the first in Denmark to be awarded the Nordic Ecolabel. It is a label that presupposes incredibly high standards of sustainability in terms of both environment and structural quality, and the project also excels by integrating several sustainable development aspects. In addition to high demands with regard to the building materials, there are demands for low energy consumption. To be awarded the Nordic Ecolabel the buildings must be at least 25 percent more energy efficient than applicable legal requirements – Krøyers Plads is nearly 40 percent more energy efficient than the legal requirements.