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Joint-sale of Danish products to the local WWTP

6. December 2022

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The global climate crisis caused by carbon emissions is a key threat to society and our planet. Danfoss’ energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions enable a cost-effective green transition.

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Changqing district faces a huge challenge of lacking of sewage treatment capabilities. Thus, in the Jinan Economic Development Zone wastewater plant project, the advanced technologies are in urgent demand to help solving the local environment issues.

Building trust and effective cooperation among all the concerned Danish companies has also been a challenge. According to the “dual carbon” policy in China, the improvement of energy efficiency is essential to all the stakeholders. Among all the comparisons and pre-design, the Danish company group made to win the sales and receive good feedback from the customer.

Jinan Energy Group

Specialization: wastewater treatment

Founded: 1992

Size: Municipal level 1 tier state owned enterprise

HQ: Changqing district, Jinan, Shandong province, P.R.C

Shandong Energy Group Company is a state owned coal-mining company headquartered in Jinan, Shandong, China.

It is among the seven largest Chinese coal companies.


The high efficiency equipment, such as valves, pumps or frequency conversion equipment and so on, it will help us increase the energy utilization rate and lower the exposure rate of the pipes.


Compared with the previous old equipment, these new set of equipment from Danish technologies could save around 10 to 15 % energy. Less error rate is guaranteed. A very high performance of manufacture efficiency could be expected in the future use. It largely improves the sewage treatment capacity of changqing district, make the ecological environment better there.

The WWTP construction will play a very important role in the green economic development of Jinan city. These group efforts turn out to be a pleasant outcome, that could promote a successful joint-sale of the Danish product and benefits the reputation of Danish technologies.