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Innovation Scale-up Roadmap for Carbon-Saving Technologies in Leipzig

30. March 2023

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BABLE Smart Cities

BABLE provides business and technology services for smart city green solutions. We create automated services that simplify and offer expert advice to guide transition, development and scaling. Our online Smart City solutions platform, free to join and use, provides companies and cities with information and inspiration on urban green solutions that work.

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BABLE Smart Cities facilitated the formulation of an initial scale-up and an investment analysis for the city of Leipzig. In order to meet Leipzig’s 2050 climate-neutrality goal, the roadmap defines the necessary CO2 reduction milestones as well as the best-integrated energy solutions to support the transition. 

In this way, the city of Leipzig needed a road map demonstrating technologies supplying electricity and heat systems in Leipzig, as well as identifying existing and prospective stakeholders who could be involved in the transition implementation process.  

There are a wide-range of carbon-saving technologies which could be applied within the city context, as well as various ways in which these technologies can all interplay within the urban ecosystem. The roadmap was then an essential step in finding out which technologies best fit and assessing how best this could be all carried out.  


The solution for creating a de-carbonisation roadmap for Leipzig was implemented by following three main activities: market sounding and technology assessment, scale-up, and cost assessment, and lastly developing terms of reference for a feasibility study.  

 To implement innovative carbon-saving technologies in Leipzig, firstly BABLE determined existing and potential stakeholders to highlight necessary and context-specific information such as barriers, risks, and challenges regarding Leipzig’s conditions through a market-sounding workshop. Secondly, a Technology Assessment Matrix was developed to highlight the potential of 24 sustainable energy technologies that provide a calculation basis for a scale-up scenario for the city. 

Considering Leipzig’s goal to create CO2-neutral energy systems by 2050, the clear identification of targets is crucial for the successful implementation of the technologies. By developing a set of future scenarios to assess the potential and cost estimations for the pilot and demonstration technologies, a roadmap for scale-up opportunities was developed by BABLE and with the contribution of local stakeholders and decision-makers. The roadmap lays out how investments in research, pilot projects, policy updates, and infrastructure in the short and medium term would be decisive to having mass-market adoption of the technologies in the long term.   

Finally, the detailed terms of references for a comprehensive feasibility study were conducted to assess the opportunities for the scale-up of carbon-neutral and smart energy systems in Leipzig. The study provided recommendations for further in-depth analysis in key overarching areas on multiple technologies. In addition, suggestions were made regarding the necessary skills and experience required for the successful preparation of the comprehensive feasibility study.


BABLE has contributed to and sharpened the path of Leipzig toward CO2-neutral energy systems. After determining strengths and potential opportunities that Leipzig can leverage on potential steps, projects, and implementations identified under the guidance of the road map, the feasibility study is the last step in making this a reality.